NESMA Band Member

Band Name 9th Wave
Genre Hot Rod Surf
Contact Name Mike Rosado
Contact Email

Performance Area New England, NY, beyond
Home Venue  
Year Band Formed 1995
NESMA Member Since 2002
Alternate Band Name  
Discography Cruising for Mako (Beach House Records, 1998)

Surf Denial (Beach House Records, 1999)

Hurricane (Beach House Records, 2001)

Time Tunnel (Beach House Records, 2003)

Creepsters from the Deep (Beach House Records, 2007)

Victory at Sunset (Beach House Records, 2011)

Surfing with Poseidon (Beach House Records, 2016)

(also various compilations)

Status Currently active - performing & recording

Two members of 9th Wave also play in the Acoustic Surf Tones.

9th Wave leader Mike Rosado founded NESMA in 2002.


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