NESMA Band Member

Band Name Big Surf
Genre Surf /  Prog Surf / World Surf        
Contact Name Chris Goodnight
Contact Email

Performance Area Minnesota/Midwest
Home Venue Hexagon Bar
Year Band Formed 2001
NESMA Member Since 2007
Alternate Band Name  

5-4-5: 5 song EP, 2002

Diggin’ for Gold: Double Crown Records compilation, 2002

Art-A-Whirl Sampler, 2003

Action Heroes: 16-song CD, self-produced, 2003

Hang 11: 11-song CD, self-produced, 2005

Probability Wave, 2012

Status Currently active - performing & recording

Chris Goodnight, drums; Steve Ringat, bass; Phil Belknap, guitar / lap steel / organ


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NESMA "Spotlight" interview - January 2010

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