NESMA Band Member

Band Name Blue Demons
Genre Instrumental Surf
Contact Name Pete Jones
Contact Email

Performance Area Toronto (Canada)
Home Venue Cadillac Lounge
Year Band Formed 1999
NESMA Member Since 2012
Alternate Band Name Mysterion and the Demons
Discography Cougar Country/Beatnik Bandit 7"Boppa Do Down Records [2012]

The Blue Demons s/t CD [2009]

Great Lakes Surf Battle compilation CD [2008]

Mysterion and the Demons 7"[2008]

Mad Fabricators Vol.2,3,4 Dvd/Cd [2005,2006,2007]

Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace soundtrack[2005]

Enter Zombie King soundtrack [2004]

Pornographlics soundtrack [2004]

Demonstration CD [2004]

Toronto Omnibus compilation Scizophrenic Records [2003]

Live @ CIUT 89.5fm CD [2003]

Status Currently active - performing and recording

Architects of the annual Great Lakes Surf Battle in Toronto, Ontoario Canada


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NESMA "Spotlight" interview - July 2012

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