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Band Name The Supertones
Genre Vintage Surf
Contact Name Tim Sullivan
Contact Email
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Performance Area NY, NJ, CA, Puerto Rico
Home Venue Yee Old Tipplen Inn, West 54th St. NY
Year Band Formed 1988
NESMA member since 2003
Alternate Band Name  
Discography Big Wet Twang (1990)

Ride the Wild Twang (1993)

The Wet Set (1996)

Vintage Surf (1997)

Live and Wet (1998)

Surf Fever 2000 (1999)

Greeting from the Supertones (2003)

Cinema Surf (2004)

Twango (2004)

Mysto Incognito (2013)

Status Currently active - performing, recording



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NESMA "Spotlight" interview - November 2004

NESMA "Spotlight" interview revisited - July 2013

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