NESMA Band Member

Band Name The Surge!
Genre Surf/Instro
Contact Name John McCorvey (aka Eddie Katcher)
Contact Email
Performance Area Southeast U.S. (Atlanta GA, FL)
Home Venue  
Year Band Formed 1997
NESMA member since 2005
Alternate Band Name Formerly The X-Rays (1997-2003)
Discography Senseless Acts of Surf (as the X-rays)

Whose Idea  Was This? (The SURGE! live)

In Search of Retro (or) GOTCHA!(covered)

Dam! rev 2.0.1

Status Currently active - performing & recording

Eddie Katcher, guitar; Bobby Earnhardt, drums; Billy Buckhalt, bass; Frank Diebel, guitar


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NESMA "Spotlight" interview - October 2005

rev 4/18 


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