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Feature for January 2014

New Regional Surf Band Listing!


This month we are focusing on a new addition to the NESMA website. In an effort to have a more comprehensive directory, and also to support advocacy for surf bands beyond the NESMA region, we are starting a listing of currently active surf bands in the Central and Western regions of the U.S. The initial page can be viewed at This listing includes the bandís name, state, and website link.

The NESMA website has been active since October 2002, representing a wide-ranging and diversified group of instrumental/surf rock bands; the NESMA website directory has received international/global recognition. Our goal with this new listing is to bring attention to even more surf bands, even though they are outside the original NESMA region.

This is intended to be a regional-by-state focused listing of currently active bands, not a comprehensive listing of all surf bands throughout history (something other websites already do very well.) If your band would like to be considered for listing on the Regional Bands page, please contact May the surf be with you in the new year!


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