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July 2010

Tsunami of Sound



Name: Tsunami of Sound

Genre: Surf inspired Rock like a Tsunami

Geographical Area: Boston MA

Interview with: Tsunami Davis Jr. aka Rick Sanger on 6/24/10 by email

1. What is the current line-up of your band?

Bo Squiddley aka David Esposito - Guitar and Reverb
Squid Ceasar aka Jamie Huggins - Bass
Tsunami Davis Jr. aka Rick Sanger - Drums

2. How and when did you get started with your band?

The band began in the spring of 2008.David and I dreamt of starting an instrumental band since 2001.We couldn't find the right bassist to get the right chemistry. Jamie had been playing with me in the band The Time Flies and he was the best fit for us -vibewise and commitment wise. The thing that really kicked the band into gear was this ad in Craigslist - "Surf Guitarist Looking to start band". I called the ad right away. Jamie and I auditioned the guitarist Steve. He was very Dick Dale-ish. We sounded good. Steve recommended another guitarist to flesh out the band. Of course I brought up David. For a few weeks it was a 4 piece band but soon Steve dropped out. We continued as a 3 piece and tailored our sound to a trio. We had gone through names like Shark Suit and New Squids on the Block. David suggested Tsunami of Sound and it stuck. It really describes how we sound. Not loudness but we sound like more than 3 pieces; it's the chemistry.


3. What bands or music have influenced you most?

The Ventures, Los Straitjackets, Laika and the Cosmonauts, Herb Alpert, Dick Dale, The Fathoms, The Shadows

4. What is the breakdown of cover vs. original material in your live shows and/or recordings?

We have 3 originals right now and we're writing more. We play our originals and new arrangements of covers. We play some TV and movie themes also. All together we have more than 3 sets worth.


5. What recording have you done?

We have 6 songs recorded from February 2009, recorded in Ashland, MA by John Esposito, such as original tune Pearl Harbor. Covers - Pier Pressure, Batwipe (combo of the Batman theme and Wipeout), Kawanga!, Penetration and Baja.

November mono recordings from Boston College November 2009 - Mr. Moto and Kawanga!

March 20 studio recordings by Bob Damiano - Originals Pearl Harbor, Crystal Pier and Motor Oil. Covers - Spanish Flea, Wild Weekend and Mr. Moto. Soon to have an official CD release.



6. What kind of gear do you use?

Bo Squiddley - Vox Amplifiers, Vox Tonelab, Fender Bandmaster amplifier, Fender Tube Reverb, Fender Stratocaster & Jazzmaster guitars

Squid Ceasar - Fender Mustang Bass, Westone Bass

Tsunami Davis Jr. - Ludwig Drums


7. What is your bandís favorite food/beverage?


Bo - Water, Pasta
Squid - Scotch, Pizza
Tsunami - Mai Tai, Pasta


8. How do you get gigs?

I usually get gigs by calling, emailing, and being polite.


9. What are the difficulties you find playing your kind of music in your area?

It's usually no problem to play a lot of clubs in Boston. The money is usually in private parties.

10. What positive attributes does your band have that sets you apart from other bands (of any genre)?

The band has chemistry, respect and fun!!

11. What have you found to be the single most effective promotional tool youíve used to further your bandís musical path?

Promotional tool that's been most helpful has been our MySpace so far.

12. Whatís the most interesting performance experience youíve had?

The most memorable gig experience was probably our first gig - a private party in a condo. We called ourselves New Squids on the Block. The guests were dancing in the living room like a scene from Hugh Hefner's old TV show.


13. What do you hope to get out of being a NESMA member?

We hope as a member of Nesma to get out there and be noticed. We'd love to play at some cool surf festivals.


14. Anything else?




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