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Feature for March 2015


Fathoms - Revisited


(Ed. note - I took this photo at a live show in 2014. I was sitting about 5 feet from the band. For more and better photos, see )


Band Name: The Fathoms

Genre now: Surf

Geographical Area: mostly Massachusetts

Interview with Frankie Blandino by email on 3/6/15

Last interview date: June 2005

Band formed in 1996

NESMA member since 2003


1. What is the current line-up of your band?

Frankie Blandino, guitar

Rob Amaral, guitar

Steve McCrossan, bass

Neil Curran, drums


2. Has your line-up changed since your last interview? If so, how? 

Yes - a whole new line-up except for me (Frankie).


3. Since your last interview has your music taken on new or different directions? If so, how? 

Doing more vocals and wider range of instros - not just surf.

4. What NESMA bands have you had an opportunity to perform with, or share a show with?

We haven't done any NESMA shows in a long time.

(Ed. note - However, a memorable one was "The Fantastic Four" in Somerville MA on 10/21/06, with The Fathoms, 9th Wave, Mister Neutron, and SPF-4 - see the poster, and the photo) 


5. What is the break down of cover vs. original material in your live shows and/or recordings? Has this changed since your last interview?

We do about fifty/fifty original to cover material.

7. Where does your band typically practice?

We usually rehearse at Steve the bass player's home.


8. What does your band typically wear for a performance?

We used to wear jackets and ties but the dress code kinda went out the window.

9. Do you ever have additional performers on stage with you (such as an occasional additional guitarist, saxophone, theremin player, dancers, etc.)

We never have guest performers.


10. How do you continue to get gigs? 

Hmmmm as far as gigs go...they are few and far between because we don't like playing for lowball wages.


11. Approximately how often do you perform out? 

We haven't played out in a while. Our drummer Neil was in a car accident and injured his wrist and I fell and tore a rotator cuff muscle. So we are on hold for the moment and haven't really promoted the band or participated in promotional activity (such as) NESMA or FB etc.

(Get well soon guys!)


12. Anything else?

I know this interview sounds really boring but we'll be back with a vengeance at some point and ready to play, record and mainly drink heavily to ease the pain of our injuries.

(Ed. note - a post on The Fathoms' Facebook page from 2/27/15 says:

"Fathoms been 'on break' due to some circumstances out of our control.. mainly due to 'gravity'! We actually have gigs lining up for the spring and summer... STAY TUNED fans.." Yay to gigs - we WILL stay tuned!)


One more ed. note: If you don't already know about The Fathoms' 3 iconic recordings, you should.

Fathomless (1996) - available here

Overboard (1998) - available here

Fathom This (2007) - available here


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