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Feature for January/February 2015


Aquatudes - Revisited




Band Name: Aquatudes

Genre now: Original and Classic Surf Rock, Exotica, Authentic Rockabilly and Vintage Rock 'n Roll

Geographical Area: Central CT, New York to Newport, Springfield to Boston (formerly Central Connecticut and Shoreline)

Interview with Dick, Tom and Mike by email, late December 2014

Last interview date: February 2008

Band formed in 2007

NESMA member since 2007



1. What is the current line-up of your band?


2. Has your line-up changed since your last interview? If so, how? 

Our original bassist Fred left to pursue his love for classic rock at the end of 2010.

2a. If so, what process did you use to deal with the change in the line-up?    

We advertised on and found a great replacement in Mike Rocchetti!

2b. Did the change in line-up affect your sound or the direction the band was moving in?   

We auditioned a few folks and were lucky to find Mike. We were off and running again quickly. Mike brought a boatload of experience and enthusiasm, as well as a fresh point of view which has been helpful in expanding our sound and repertoire. (P.S. Fred has filled in with us a couple times, which has been great fun.)



3. Since your last interview has your music taken on new or different directions? If so, how? 

4. What NESMA bands have you had an opportunity to perform with, or share a show with?

We’ve had the pleasure to share the stage (or the sidewalk) at least yearly with our CT NESMA friends 9th Wave, The Clams, and The Crustaceans. Since 2008 we’ve been on one bill or another with Strange but Surf, The North Shore Troubadours, Commercial Interruption, the Preston Wayne 4, Blue Wave Theory, SPF-4, The Del Rios, and The Octomen.



5. What bands of any genre have you played with or networked with? 

When we’re part of a multi-band gig, it’s often one or more other surf bands. On the other hand, we’ve played a few events at Hartford’s “The Dirt Salon,” where we’ve shared the stage with live bands playing indie-rock (Hanging Hills), Mexican music (Carlos Hernandez Chavez and friends), as well as a few different DJs. We also played a classic car event in Bridgeport with the traditional rockabilly group Johnny Carlevale and Juke Joint Rhythm Rockers and the other act was a 12-year-old blues guitar phenom named Bobby Paltau who plays like Jimi Hendrix.



6. What is the break down of cover vs. original material in your live shows and/or recordings? Has this changed since your last interview?

8. Where does your band typically practice?


9. What does your band typically wear for a performance?



10. Do you ever have additional performers on stage with you (such as an occasional additional guitarist, saxophone, theremin player, dancers, etc.)



11. How do you continue to get gigs? 

The Aquatudes play several annual events. We also get referrals from people who have caught our shows. We’ll try aggressive gig-hunting from time to time and have had variable results with that. We’ve also tried some “public rehearsals” at The Dirt Salon in Hartford, during one or another of their events.



12. Approximately how often do you perform out? 

13. What have you found to be the single most effective promotional tool you’ve used to further your band’s musical path?

14. What’s the most interesting performance experience you’ve had since your last interview?  

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