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Inactive Members/Regional History:

Band Genre
Briniacs (NJ '03-'04) Surf Obsessed Surf
Cadillac Hitmen (MA '97-'10?) Desert Surf
Cliffs & Bangers (RI '07-'11?) Surf / Punk / Rock
Come Arounds (MA '03-'09) Surf Vocal Pop
Coppertones (NJ '04-'12) Surf Rock
Deathbed Bride (MA '06-'12) Voodoo-Swamp Surf Punk
East Coast Tremors (MA '05-'08?) Psycho Surf
El Patapsco (MD '04-'09) Twangy Instro
Inland Surf Band (PA '12-'13) Surf
Los Cobras (MI '97-'07?) - Became Truckstop Cobras Head-Boppin', Hip-Shakin', Sand-Kickin' Surf!
Mofos (NY '99-'07) Surf Instro Metal
Neptune Society (NJ '05-'07) Instrumental Surf Rock
North Shore Troubadours (CT '08-'13) Progressive Surf Rock
Outpatients (NYC '05-'09?) Instru-mental Surf-a-billy
Papaya Kings (NYC '96-'06?) Garage Surf
Phantom Creeps (MA '01-'05) Sinister Surf
Reluctant Aquanauts (IL '04-'12) Midwest's Youngest Surf / Instro Band
Ronnie Lake (MN '04-'09) Surf / Hot Rod / Rock
Squid Pussy (NYC '03-'08?) Rebel Surf Rock
Stunt Doubles (NC '97-'08?) Surf/instro / cowpunk
Sump Pump Monkeys (Cleveland OH '93-'07?) Scientific Power Surf
Surf and Turf (PA '07-'11) Trad Surf and Rock 'n Roll
Surf Daddys (NJ '99-'04) Spy/Surf/Spaghetti
Surf Res Q (NJ / PA '03-'07) Trad Surf Rock
They're Gonna Get You (Boston MA '02-'05) Super Rockin' Original Instro Surf
Undertows (Boston MA '02-'05) Ventures-meets-The Beatles Surf
ZFE (MA '98-'11?) Instro Avant-Hard Rock



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