The Power of East Coast Surf


4/23/05 Surf Nite, Kirkland Cafe, Somerville (Boston) MA


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What a night! Members 9th Wave, SPF-4, Preston Wayne 4, Undertows plus Frankie of The Fathoms, Unsteady Freddie, Rachel of They're Gonna Get You, and Tommy & Jimmy of The Come Arounds Mike "Staccato" Rosado, 9th Wave and NESMA founder; Unsteady Freddie, Emcee for the evening; Chuck of The Undertows, with Frankie of The Fathoms (seated) SPF-4 - Rob on guitar, Craig on drums, Tony on bass, Dave on guitar


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Preston Wayne 4 - Preston wails! - with Dave, Paul, and Kevin Undertows - Chuck on lead, Jim on drums, Gina on bass - the local favorites!

Photos courtesy of 9th Wave




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