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7/16/04 Surf Summit, Rick's American Cafe, Barnegat Light, Long Beach Island NJ


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The gang's all here! Representatives of the following NESMA bands join our group shot: 9th Wave, The Sharkskins, Surf Res Q, Jonnie Dog & the Dingos, Surf Daddys, The Clams, The Diamonheads, The Brine-iacs, the ubiquitous Unsteady Freddie!

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Our host & event organizer, Kevin of Surf Res Q Bruce, Surf Res Q Rick the Drummer - Surf Res Q

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Sharkskins - Da Skins! Sharkskins - Buddy Luv Goo Sharkskins - the rhythm section

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Jonnie Dog & the Dingos - JD Jonnie's geetars Jonnie Dog & the Dingos - Dan Dingo

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Rod, Buddy, Javier from The Sharkskins, Mike from 9th Wave Dano from The Clams with Timmy Marty Mooney from The Surf Daddys Dano Clam with Dirk, Ocean and Danger Dan of 9th Wave

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Buddy, Brian of The Diamondheads, Kevin of Surf Res Q, event organizer Guys from Jonnie Dog & the Dingos, with Timmy from Surf Daddys and Kevin from Surf Res Q Doug from Jonnie Dog, Javier & Rod from The Sharkskins

Most photos 2004 Unsteady Freddie - Thanks Dude!




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