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Strange But Surf Swimming in Reverb (2007)

Venice Beach Muscle Club (self-titled) (2008)

Mister Neutron Red Triangle (2006)

Cadillac Hitmen Two in the Hat (2004)

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Show Reviews


3/26/10 - Vivisectors in NYC



10/16/08 - North Shore Troubadours in CT

2/2/08 - Crustacans and Aquatudes in CT

2/2/08 - Supertones and more in NYC 

1/30/08 - 9th Wave at Surf Night in Bridgeport CT

1/19/08 - Gein and the Graverobbers, SPF-4 and The Wake The Wake in Providence RI



12/22/07 - 9th Wave, SPF-4 and more in CT

11/17/07 - Aquatudes, Clams and more in CT

9/19/07 - Fathoms in Cambridge MA

8/18/07 - Clams, Octomen, 9th Wave in CT

8/4/07 - 9th Wave, Outpatients and more in NYC

7/7/07 - Chillers, Reverb Galaxy, Venice Beach Muscle Club, Supertones, El Muchacho, TarantinosNYC in NYC

6/2/07 - Ronnie Lake, Sea Devils and more in NYC

6/2/07 - 9th Wave and SPF-4 in CT

5/27/07 SPF-4 and Dick Dale in MA

5/26/07 - East Coast Tremors and Dick Dale in MA

4/27/07 - Clams, SPF-4, TarantinosNYC at Surf Night in Stamford CT

4/7/07 - Clams, Bongo Surf, Octomen, Outpatients in NYC

3/17/07 - East Coast Tremors, more on Cape Cod

3/3/07 - 9th Wave, Mister Neutron, Atomic Mosquitos, and The Rip Chords in NYC

3/3/07 - Fin-dicators in Dunellen NJ

2/10/07 - 9th Wave in Danbury CT

2/9/07 - TarantinosNYC and Shecky & the Twangtones in Brooklyn NY

2/3/07 - Gremmies, Fin-dicators, Surfalicious Dudes, This Spy Surfs in NYC

1/27/07 - Reverb Galaxy, Diamondheads, Gremmies in MD



8/5/06 - Clams, Howlin' Thurstons, Outpatients, Ronnie Lake in NYC

8/4/06 - 9th Wave, Ronnie Lake in Brooklyn NY

7/1/06 - TarantinosNYC, Supertones, Isotopes, Sea Devils in NYC

6/28/06 - Crimson Ghosts in CA

6/3/06 - Venice Beach Muscle Club, Mister Neutron, Sharkskins, Neptune Society in NYC

6/2/06 - 9th Wave and Dick Dale in New Haven CT

5//28/06 - SPF-4 and Dick Dale in Northampton MA

5/20/06 - TarantinosNYC, This Spy Surfs, Venice Beach Muscle Club in NYC

5/6/06 - Reverb Galaxy, Cocktail Preachers, This Spy Surfs in NYC

4/22/06 - Crustaceans, 9th Wave and Venice Beach Muscle Club in Storrs CT

3/18/06 - 9th Wave, Venice Beach Muscle Club, and Sea Devils in Brooklyn NY

3/4/06 - Fin-Dicators, Neptune Society, and Surf Res Q in NJ

3/4/06 - Chillers, Sea Devils, 9th Wave, and Mister Neutron in NYC

2/24/06 - Neptune Society Surf Band, Fin-Dicators, and This Spy Surfs in Brooklyn NY

2/17/06 - Venice Beach Muscle Club, Outpatients, and TarantinoNYC in Brooklyn NY

2/4/06 - Outpatients, Clams, Mofos, East Coast Tremors in NYC

1/27/06 - SPF-4 and TarantinosNYC in NYC

1/13/06 - 9th Wave and The Outpatients in Brooklyn NYC

1/7/06 - Shecky and the Twangtones, Mister Neutorn, Coffin Daggers, Venice Beach Muscle Club in NYC

1/6/06 - Urban Surf Kings in Nova Scotia, Canada



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