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12/22/07 - 9th Wave, SPF-4 and more in CT

Big Love to the following folks for making last night's show at the Zen Bar THE best Holiday Party of the year:

SPF-4 - The band gets better every time I see them, playing fast and  furious for over 50 minutes. The opened the show in fine fashion and raised the bar for the rest of the night. Plus...they are as generous with their equipment as they are with their music. A great band on any night, but especially last night.

Slick Fitty - Easily my new favorite band, and not just because of the music, which is solid and hot, much like the band members. These nice guys are lots of fun and they had everyone in the room smiling, bopping and grooving to the rockabilly beat. I will be seeing them again at Rudy's in New Haven on Jan. 26. You should be there too.

9th Wave - Ahh, my heart be still, but my feet keep moving. How can anyone stand still when 9th Wave breaks out and smokes the club with their hot rod surf signature sound? Creepsters From the Deep, Short Board Action, Big Black Cadillac and so many more. Their new CD is finally available. Get one before they're sold out. It's be the highlight of 2008!

Jason James and the Baystate Houserockers - It was with a great deal of pleasure and honor that I got the privilege of introducing Jason James last night. His style is classic, with just the  right amount of brash rough wailing guitar to make the audience wail along with him. The band had a set list but added to it absolutely everything was requested by the audience. Jason promised that he'd be back in the Springtime. I hope I can wait that long.....

Finally, I would also like to thank Rockabilly Willy from WESU for opening the night with me and Michelle "Go Kat Go" Terranova from WNHU for introducing Slick Fitty. Big thanks to Perilous Cheryl, Joey Zone,  Wendy Gamenight, Bobby D, Rattlesnake Ralph, Ray and The Murdercycles crew,  Dan-o Clam, John and The Zen Bar  staff, The Malibu Girls, everyone  who came out  last night and my family and friends for putting up with  such craziness from me.

We packed the Zen Bar last night and we'll be doing it again on  February 9, 2008. Get ready for a very special Valentines show...Beach Blanket Bingo Bonanza! I'm looking for a few sweetheart bands to bring Frankie and Annette back to life. Reach out and let me know if you're interested. As always, time is of the essence.

Aloha and Happy New Year,
Blue StingRaye

This has been a Blue StingRaye Production.....



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