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1/27/06 - Tarantinos and SPF-4 in NYC

I have watched both of these bands - SPF-4 for a longer period - grow and develop into powerhouse live acts -- it was a wonderful double-whammy of a bill (forgive the obvious pun) -- the playing was precision-sharp, the tone each band got from their guitar amps was clean and not-too-loud -- it just came together musically and visually in quite stunning a fashion.
TARANTINOS/NYC were lookin' sharp as usual - give them a lot of credit for honing their craft - they play tribute to a lot of movie genre instro, and have a lot of fun doing it. You gotta love a drummer who yells out hilarious stuff and gives himself his own rimshots!!  Great nonsensical sense of humor and killer twang - I think this band HAS to be seen LIVE to be fully appreciated.
For real:  I was in tears when SPF-4 did their intense version of the Chantays' "Crystal T" - I think this, for me, is their signature song -- it brought everybody to a hollerin' crescendo; and "Journey to the Stars" is also killer.  I heard some NEW, YEAH ORIGINAL!! NUMBERS from SPF-4 -- like I've said about bands like The Surfalicious Dudes, when these bands start getting inspired and begin offering ORIGINAL tunes, look out, stand back! 
I'm proud to know these artists, and thrilled that I am allowed to bring these live shows to the surf-hungry New York City nightlife;  yeah, in the dead of winter, no less.
What I noticed is that when the people who are coming to Otto's Shrunken Head Tiki Bar for the 10 pm+ music that followed the mini-Shindig start trickling in, like around 9, 9:15, 9:30 pm, and come in the back room to hear the music we are presenting, they stay, and then totally go nuts for it...the point is, and the challenge is...getting exposure for live surf music to people who probably never heard this stuff in a live setting -- the result, I find, is almost exclusively, sheer appreciation -- outside of the internet and a few FM outlets here and there, people don't get the opportunity to hear this music -- so when they walk in on this stuff being played LIVE -- I get a real kick out of watching the reaction of folks who have come there NOT to hear surf music, but end up leaving WANTING TO HEAR MORE SURF!! 
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