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2/10/07 - 9th Wave and more in Danbury CT

Just a quick note about a great show last Saturday night at the Old City Ale house in Danbury CT. This is a fun little pub on Main St. in Downtown Danbury with about 7000 different beers available. Cool local crowd too.


 - Terror from the year 5000 started the night off with a fun thrashy punk set. A wild mix of familiar tunes forced through the punkifier machine with vocals that would make Cookie Monster proud!

 - The Truckstop Playboys were awesome. Great musicians who give it all they've got! Brian Setzer intensity on guitar, huge drums and bass that just makes your feet move. Satisfy your rockabilly itch with these guys


 - 9th Wave dished out one fast moving Surf Rock original one after another. Their sound was tight and authentic. The Farfisa flowed, the reverb rocked and Negative Ed was pickin' the bass at Dick Dale speed. 


Overall great night of local original rock.
Dano Clam of The Clams


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