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2/17/06 - Venice Beach Muscle Club, Outpatients, and Tarantinos in Brooklyn NY

Basically the Ace of Clubs in Brooklyn looks the same but they could be doing alot more promotion to get people down there. It's sad because its really a nice stage and a good sized space. The restaurant was packed upstairs but because the club is so separate, no one from upstairs goes downstairs (especially since they charge $6 cover for a Wed. night) but that's another story! There's room enough for the crowds that pack into the Otto's (Shrunken Head Tiki Bar in Manhattan) monthly surf shows (first Sat. of each month.)
Anyway, it didn't dampen anyone's spirits. It was my first time seeing Tarantinos and I was really impressed. They really put on a good show of diverse music and they are so fun to watch. They are such a motley crew, in all the right ways! (Tarantinos, I hope you take that for the compliment that it is!) You have four interesting personalities to watch at all times  - nothing homogenous there! and they are professional entertainers and players. They were having so much fun up there, it really was a pleasure to see and hear.

I have seen and played with the Outpatients several times and always enjoy their sets. They are just no-nonsense, straight up rockin' - period. They played several tunes I hadn't heard before and they are some of the nicest guys we play with, which is saying alot because pretty much everyone is cool and friendly. In a way, playing to such a small crowd was very revealing, and it made me proud to see how everyone played with such heart, with such an obvious, pure love of music. Thanks also to Bill from The  Findicators who came out to see us too. And thanks to all the bands who all stayed to hear each other play, which I think meant alot to everyone.

Melina, Venice Beach Muscle Club


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