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2/24/06 - Neptune Society Surf Band, Fin-Dicators, and This Spy Surfs in Brooklyn, NYC

First time I have seen the Neptune Society Surf Band who hail from the Philadelphia area;  young guys, with a lot of surf-twang energy, very enthusiastic approach to performing this music live....exactly what the genre needs!  They do a mix of trad classics and originals, as do the Findicators. (The Neptunes will be part of a Surf-Rock Shindig with the Sharkskins, Mister Neutron and Venice Beach Muscle Club which should be a strong show.)

Anyway, those Neptune dudes put on a great set, followed by the Fin-Dicators. Bill "Bong Loard" Moffat and his fellow Fins really kept the place shakin'. I gotta point out the smiling faces...from the band members and the audiences. It's evident that the guys on stage were havin' a blast.....those in the audience cannot help but be caught up in that....lots of hollerin', dancin' (the 9th Wave's Oceana was, as usual, shakin' her stuff right at the foot of the, go, girl!  I mean, you go-go, girl!).

Then T99 and his fellow band-mates that make up This Spy Surfs come on next-and last-and close out the evening in their usual neat "cool" way (no better word to describe these "jivin' surf cats" - I like to call their sound "film noir surf").  They present a stripped-down, yet no-nonsense set that ya just can't help but feel their groove by maybe the middle of the first song...and it carries thru their time on stage. Maybe I shouldn't really say "on stage" because T99 wanders around the room on his wireless playing alongside people hanging's as if he's 'conversing' with them (he's so at ease it's amazing) and not really playing. T99 gets quick a deep reverb too from the wireless set-up he has - and he styles the surf sound with a loose-jazz improv feel to it. This is a totally unique act. On May 6th This Spy Surfs closes out a Surf-Rock Shindig that also includes (check this line-up!) The Cocktail Preachers, Reverb Galaxy, and The 9th Wave!! Oh yeah!

So Blue StingRaye, hats off 2 U for putting this together, with a shout-out nod to NESMA (all 3 bands that played are members).

Unsteady Freddie


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