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2/2/08 - Crustaceans and Aquatudes in CT

It's probably bad form to review a show that you're personally involved with, but bad form never stopped me before so here goes:

This past Saturday Feb 2nd two NESMA bands, The Aquatudes and The Crustaceans brought the surf vibe to a venue not previously hip to the scene.  The Roaring Brook Nature Center in Canton, CT ( is usually host to solo acoustic acts, folk music, etc.  Tom Bittel of The Aquatudes convinced RBNC to take a chance on a surf music night and (for some reason) invited The Crustaceans to join in the fun.  The show -"Surfing The Brook!" - was a blast.  The venue is a beautiful wood-paneled room with high
ceilings, a small stage, a PA system, soundman, and various wild creatures in cages along the wall. The Aquatudes had the place decked out with Hawaiian leis, cut-outs of sea creatures, and even some hula-hoops. The place was full and the crowd very receptive to the surf stylings of the two bands.  The Aquatudes succeeded in getting a contingent of kids (and kids-at heart) from the crowd to join in on percussion for several songs and the grand-finale jam of "Wipeout" with both bands back on stage brought the house down.

Special thanks to Rockabilly Willy from WESU radio who showed up and introduced the bands, and also to NESMA's own Blue Stingraye who was also in attendance.  Unsolicited by us, Blue posted gig notices for
this show on the NESMA board and the Surf-Guitar 101 site, and her own website.  Where else do you get support like that except in NESMA?  Check out her own music series at The Zen Bar in Farmington, CT. The next show is this Saturday Feb 9th.  Her website has all the details:   Thanks again Blue Stingraye!

Without getting too long-winded, The Crustaceans want to thank The Aquatudes for inviting us to play at their show.  We had a great time with them at a joint practice at their cool rehearsal space in a Hartford warehouse and the gig couldn't have gone better. We even got paid. With money!  Tom, Dick and Fred are great musicians and people and they play some mean surf-tunes.  I've already got a few of their originals stuck in my head.  I'd very-highly recommend you go see them. Their MySpace page is and they have a few shows coming up in the near future.

Crusty Dave/The Crustaceans


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