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2/3/07 - Gremmies, Fin-Dicators, Surfalicious Dudes, and This Spy Surfs in NYC

...Then it was down to Otto's.  We unfortunately missed the Gremmies from Baltimore, but heard they were excellent.  What is it about that swampy area of the US that makes great surf bands?

We also met Gregory Nicoll and his friend there, who had come up from Atlanta to see the Ennio show (and meet Unsteady Freddie) and who explained that a Gremmie means something about a person spoiling the fun because they're a beginner surfer. I can't remember the exact acronym.

We caught the Fin-Dicators who were in a loud and tough mode, a really cool feel.  When they slowed it up for "In My Room" there were about 5 couples slow dancing like it was a high-school prom, only more dirty.  Afterwards Bill and the crowd renamed the song, "Get a Room". 

Evan from Venice Beach was there and as we watched the next band, the Surfalicious Dudes, I told him, "I love watching guitar players watch other guitar players."  Lewd Dude is impressive as hell, and so is Sticky Dude, who kept playing while the snare drum was falling off the stand.  Stewd Dude held it together on bass and they all made Unsteady Freddie an honorary member, giving him a shirt that said Jewd Dude.  Only in NY. They had also added a sister dance team, dubbed the Tuna Twins, Bumble Bee and Starkist.

Anyway, we had to go before This Spy Surfs, but even though the cold kept the attendence down a bit, it was another surf/intro night to remember. 

Patty from The TarantinosNYC
aka Tricia Tarantino


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