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3/17/07 - East Coast Tremors on Cape Cod

Checked out the ECT with their new drummer, Mike Purcell (aka: Mikey Villain) down in Eastham on Sat night.

When I got there, Jared (guit/ECT) was frantically trying to get the PA working for the opening band....   he fixed the prob and the openers finished up their set of various covers (they did a fun version of 'Kielbasa' by Tenacious D - never heard anyone do that tune before)...

Then Johnny & The Hellhounds performed some rockabilly action....  I knew Jared was also in this band and so I assumed he played guitar... but I assumed wrong !   He was up there slappin' away at a stand up bass !!  Chris, the keyboard player for ECT also plays drums in this band.... good stuff.

Then the highlight of the night - The East Coast Tremors !

I love these guys !

Mike is a great addition to this band... he comes from a surf/punk background and it definitely compliments the ECT sound...  lots of rapid-fire snare work and solid, pounding beat.  His head was up watching the bandmates the entire time and you could tell he was having a blast... i caught some huge smiles directed his way from the rest of the band, too....

I also noticed Jared was playing a new Jaguar.... (looked old)....  and Jeff has his Rickenbacker bass happening now...

They went through two sets of all the stuff from their new self-titled CD as well as cranking on some crowd faves from their original EP-compilation release....  the hometown crowd was really into it and a fun time was had by all...

If you are planning on spending any time at the Cape this summer, I definitely recommend checking out their calendar at their myspace site ( regularly to see if they will be performing when you are down there..

They also have some shows coming up at the Kirkland Cafe in Somerville/Cambridge - May 3 and June 23.... so you Boston-area folks - if you haven't seen them yet, you should.

can't wait to check them out again myself !

Great show, guys !




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