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3/18/06 - 9th Wave, Venice Beach Muscle Club, and The Sea Devils in Brooklyn, NYC

Negative Ed here... just a few quick notes on the show last Saturday night in Brooklyn at the Balanza Bar.

First up was us, 9th Wave. We played a set of mostly original surf style, as the Americans call it, rock and roll. If you weren't there, don't worry. We'll be in your neighborhood at some point.

Next up was Venice Beach Muscle Club (as we were informed, not THE Venice... just Venice). Anyway, they played a great set of Rain Forest inspired Roots Rock... mostly surf music though. I tell ya, it can get confusing if you don't already know the names of the songs... my favourite was some number called something like "Your hairspray contains CFS's and is putting a hole in the Ozone Layer". Seriously, humor and great music combine to make me a happy Negative Ed. And I really enjoy VBMC's loungy feel and take on surf music.

Last up was The Sea Devils. I always enjoy their set. I tell myself ahead of time that I'm going to hate it, but I never do. Why? 'Cause they always play in key? Nah, 'cause they bring energy, style and class and always play my favorite tunes. And to my recollection, they don't usually make me wish they played anything faster (I like my surf faster, thank you Mike). Never too slow... always juuuussst right.

For a future note. If you are a musician (not like me, I'm just a jacka$$ with a big amp), if you are in a band and if you like a room to sound GREAT.  Not good, GREAT. Play at the Balanza Bar. Small club, not too flashy, but
the room sounds great and the bartender and staff are supah friendly. The PA is big enough to make any vocals you have audible to those listening (I'm preaching to the wrong crowd here) and the room just mixes the sound well and there's no overtones or ADDED reverb (where ya don't want it).

Negative Ed

9th Wave



Thanks for that Negative Ed. I' ve been meaning to post something myself.
It was widely discussed and agreed upon that 9th Wave and my band (VBMC) played perhaps better than ever before. The comeraderie between the 3 bands was definitely the best I've ever experienced. This was my first time seeing the Sea Devils and they were amazing, playing their hearts out. We all got to play nice long sets too. Many people commented about the sound being amazing, which it was. We converted some new surf fans who were stroll-ins from the neighborhood, several of whom I spoke to at length. Very cool people and they loved the bands. As you mentioned, the staff were super cool too. The bouncer walked me to my car, carrying my amp for me at 2:30 am or whatever the hell time it was because I was alone. Everyone was very welcoming. Great space for surf. Thank you so much to 9th wave and The Sea Devils for accepting the invite to play and making our first surf night take over there such a success. Looking forward to doing it again soon...




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