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3/3/07 - Fin-dicators in Dunellen NJ

So we played the Fun, Fun, Fundraiser Beach Party last Saturday, March 3, 2007, and helped raise a couple tens of hundreds of dollars for music scholarships for the Dunellen NJ High School Band Parents Association.  I see our performance as a cautionary tale for all the yooot's out there. Learn how to read and understand music or else you will wind-up in your 40's playing in a surf rock band performing for charities that sponsor music scholarships. Kinda cyclical as they point to us and say "this could be your children if they don't get a formal music education". I got my musical instruction in a smokey, alcohol-soaked garage and look how far I've gone.
We played pretty well once we got past the usual start-of-the-gig nerves. There were two sets which had only a few originals but because this was mostly Dunellen townies, we played more cover/popular stuff.  There is something special about the song "In My Room" (aka "Get A Room") and people start dancing. We can play the fastest, meanest ripping tremolo and the slow pop of Brian Wilson wins them all the time. After the lap steel version of The Beach Boys we had a few more dancing interludes by the crowd especially to "Sleepwalk" "Margarittaville" and "Wipeout".  Thank you Brian W.

The takeaway messages (aside from the phone number this woman slipped in my back pocket) were this:

- Ordinary civilians, aka people who don't know surf rock exist want to hear familiar songs and react to them. In that case you can't go wrong with a instro Beach Boys song.
- You can play the best originals and if its not a surf/instro crowd they will pass it off as just another old 1960's obscure song.
- 2 smaller sets of 20-30 minutes instead of one long 45 minute/1 hour might be better for the uninitiated so that everything doesn't sound the same.
-The more booze you drink, the better we sound.
- Geez, it felt great to know that our efforts helped raise some dough to help some local kids.
I recorded most of the gig with two SM58 mics and a 4-track. The extremely live version of, yes, an original song song "Surfin' at Sunset" was posted in the Demo section of Surfguitar101 if anyone is interested.


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