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5/26/07 - East Coast Tremors opening for Dick Dale in MA

Saturday nite at the Beachcomber on outer Cape Cod was a great time for surf music on the dunes. The Dick Dale show was sold out to capacity of about 300 crazy surf music fans. I happened to take a last last minute trip to the outer Cape and was lucky to catch the show with East Coast Tremors starting the fire that nite. When I entered the club toward the end of their set, the crowd was juiced and the dancefloor was packed full of surf beat twisters...they had just come off a "marathon" line-up delivery of songs - with no breaks between songs(approx 30 min.) and the sweat was pouring from the band...including the new drummer Mike Purcell who sounded great. These guys were on their native turf and they ripped through the opening slot with their brand of original psycho-surf.

After catching a blistering set by East Coast Tremors and a couple of Goombay Smashes(drinks), the 4 Showman cabinets were exposed and miked up, I watched Sam and Brian hop on stage and wait for the sound of the "Beast". Soon Dick Dale blew in from the side and proceeded to shred the stage. He was in a fiesty mood that nite and chatted a little less than the Thursday Iron Horse/SPF-4 show...playing about 2 hours of his classic material, mixed with other surf classics done his way. Of course, Brian and Sam were like a power machine backing him and every quirk, tight as ever. The crowd was crazy and you could see he was feeding off the energy, occasionally jumping into the packed dance floor.

After the show, in his usual manor he greeted and signed for patrons. I had a nice chat with Sam, Brian and the guys from East Coast Tremors, downed my last Goombay and hit the road, only after watering the edge of the dunes above the ocean. I had another good fix of surf music that nite.




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