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6/28/06 - Crimson Ghosts in CA


Saw the Crimson Ghosts last night at the Zombie Lounge (CA). They were killer. It was great to finally get to see them. Mosrite Ventures bass and guitar, plus a Strat and some songs on a borrowed Jaguar. The crowd was very enthusiastic. Everyone had a favorite Misfits song to hear and sing along to. Lots of singing along. They even threw in a couple Samhain songs. Set opened with Skulls, and then tore into; Halloween, Hybrid Moments, Angelfuck, London Dungeon, 20 Eyes,Hollywood Babylon, Some Kinda Hate, American Nightmare, Where Eagles Dare, Ratfink w/vox, too many to list. Closed the set with Last Carress before an encore. It was a great show and I loved every monent of it. Hope they come back. They head to Arizona tonight after the fair. catch them if you can.

Gavin, Reptile Records (posted to Cowabunga list)


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