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6/2/06 - 9th Wave and Dick Dale in New Haven CT; also The Crustaceans in CT on 6/4/06

What a weekend of surf in the Nutmeg State!

Friday night it was 9th Wave opening for Dick Dale at Toad's in New Haven. It was great seeing 9th Wave in a larger venue. Even though they were the early band on the bill, they attracted a good sized crowd and rocked the place with a great set of hot-rod surf, and added some nice middle-eastern exotica with Sandy's flute playing. They were in fine form and the place was awash in reverb and twang by the time their set was over. They really set the mood for what was to come.

Dick Dale was GREAT! I had never seen him before and wasn't sure what to expect.  He blew the place away, playing energetically for over 2 hours. What didn't he do? Sure, there were the hits - Misirlou, Pipeline, Mr. Peppermint Man, Nitro, Let's Go Trippin' - they were all there. Plus House of the Rising Sun, Smoke on the Water, a Johnny Cash medley (really!), Rumble, and a stirring instro version of Amazing Grace to close out the night. Plus he played
trumpet, the drums, and even bass (with drumsticks).  He seemed to be in the mood to play and he had the audience with him all the way. After the show he hung around signing stuff and telling stories. Couldn't have asked for anymore from The Godfather of Surf.

Sunday, our little band The Crustaceans played at the We-Lik-It ice cream stand in Pomfret, CT. Surrounded by real farm implements, we annoyed the farm animals and ice cream customers with our rough and tumble surf instros...Kudos to Mike and Sandy who came to see us, despite the fact that they had played at Toad's Friday night, went to NYC for Unsteady Freddie's shindig Saturday night and didn't get in until the wee hours Sunday morning. Sandy looked especially fetching in her Crustaceans t-shirt! Mike gave us some advance copies of the new 9th Wave CD and it's killer stuff. We blasted it all the way home in the car after the gig! Can't wait for the official release. Also thanks to Jim Lawlor who came by with his recording gear (putting it at great risk in the rain showers, not to mention the danger of recording our noises!) Our little band is constantly amazed at the friendship and support we've gotten from all the NESMA folks.

I'm not usually this verbose, but I'm still hyped up on hot fudge and good vibrations from the weekend. Over and out....

Crusty Dave, The Crustaceans



OK, first off, TOAD's needs to get their collective shit together.  "9th Wave" should never have gotten first slot over ... "The Vultures".  ...
Even though I was only lucky enough to catch a few tunes near the end, I gotta say.........."9th Wave" KICKED ASS!!!!!!!   I had just walked Dick Dale back to the hotel, after our annual pizza onslaught, and I was on the sidewalk outside of TOAD's talking to Dick's son, Jimmy, on the phone, and I heard some very familiar "9th Wave" sounds coming from within.  The sound was soooo incredible.  FROM THE SIDEWALK!!!!  Then, I went inside.   Holy Shit!!!   The sound got even better!!!!!   The levels, the tone, the tune and the precision playing just blew me away!!!  This was without a doubt one of the BEST SOUNDING "9th Wave" shows I have ever seen!!!  Mike, Sandy, Ed & Tommy, you guys ROCKED!!!   I'm sorry I couldn't see your whole set.  I cant' wait to hear the recording!!!!
The group shot with Dick at the end came out really good and Ed & Lisa had Dick sign it at Mohegan Sun the following night.
Peace, Love & Surf
Vinnie "O"
(formerly of "SURF SQUAD")


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