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6/2/07 - Ronnie Lake, Sea Devils and more in NYC

The June 2d SURF-ROCK SHINDIG, from my perspective anyway, was another blast of live surf-music and related genre energy

Thanx to everyone who came out to support the cause and God bless the 4 bands that played their hearts and fingers out!!

Todd Martin of Venice Beach Muscle Club fame was, as I understand, a "new" drummer for THE SEA DEVILS;  he'll be splitting his time between both bands....he did a great job in his first appearance with the band;  I think I heard they only had a handful of rehearsals;  incidentally, the band was in top-form!!  Dug 'The Perfect Storm' duds on bassist Martin....doesn't get more oceanic than that!  Twin guitarists Michael Sandlin and Andrew Wendell
simply put....twanged with a passion...dug it immensely;  these guys have got to record and release a CD!!

THE CHASERS (from Rhode Island) trekked all the way from Maine;  the long drive didn't show in the energetic (as usual!) set they performed.  Someone in the band said between songs that they "giggled all week" in anticipation of the SHINDIG.  It showed, b/c their happy vibe spilled out all over the room.  I love these guys.  They will be back in SEPTEMBER.  I love the way they mix up their set...especially the rockabilly tunes which mixes quite well with surf.

RONNIE LAKE, leather-clad and simply kicking ass.  Man, RONNIE, you blew the bamboo off the walls baby!  And special thanks to TRICIA (Patti) TARANTINO for filling in on bass...her playing was spot-on, timed perfectly with RONNIE's intense leads.  Simply, great stuff!!

First-timers DUNGAREE DOGS NYC, local band, closed out the festivities.  Kinda punk-edged surf, with some pop, and other stuff thrown in.  Special thx to THE CHASERS for lending an amp to this band, last minute.  Nice comraderie.

Maybe others wanna comment as well?

And also a shout-out of love and thx to Nell and Steve at OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD....God bless ya

Unsteady Freddie



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