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8/18/07 - 9th Wave, The Octomen, and The Clams in Farmington CT

Thank you to everyone who came to Beach Rock Weekend at the Zen Bar ( in Farmington, CT last night to dance the night away and partake in some fine beverages with me. A big thank you to Dan-o and Elaine Clam for hosting such a lovely pre-show party at their hacienda. The food was yummy and the guests were just as delicious. While at the party we were all entertained with live music. A NEW surf band, The Aquatudes played a fun filled set of classics with Mike Rosado of 9th Wave filling in on bass. I really enjoyed the set and hope they find a permanent bass player to fill out their band. Can you believe it...another surf band in CT?! I think I see a movement here.

The crowd at the Zen Bar was huge, lots of new faces mixed in the surf addicts that I know and love. It was really nice to see Unsteady Freddie (  and his family come out and share in the fun with us. Bobby D, Julie from Witches in Bikinis, Bill Lovett from Plastic Box, the Aquatudes, Perilous Cheryl & her beloved Joey Zone, all contributed to the dancing and reverb soaked mayhem. 9th Wave, The Octomen, & The Clams kicked and shredded some serious surf tail last night.

Opening the show was 9th Wave, CT's premier hot rod surf combo. Oceana played no less that 4 instruments during their set: flute, Farfisa organ, guitar, and saxophone. Her talents never cease to amaze me. The set was hard-driven hot rod surf. You could almost smell the exhaust & burnin' rubber as Mike Staccato Rosado burned up the strings and beat up the
reverb during Mule Train, Creepsters From The Deep and Squad Car, to close out the set.

Next up I had the pleasure of introducing The Octomen: Rattlesnake Ralph , Mike & Darrin. This is my second time catching this band from NY and they were even better the second time around. Just like the first time I saw The Octomen, this is the band that got the crowd on their feet and turned the audience in pack of gyrating twisting hodads & wahines. As they are one of the hardest working surf on the east coast today, I am sure they are playing at a show near you soon. Go and catch them, you won't be disappointed.

Last up, to headline and close the show, were The Clams. The played a full 80-90 minute set, never taking a break. Of course Dan-o did wear out his bass player and had to bring a replacement from the bench...none other than Jimbo Clam. Oh wow! Brain, Dan-o & Jimbo sounded great together. Oceana & Magic Wanda were sweet and sophisticated in their white go-go boots with matching saxophones. Pretty and great musicians, what more could a band want? I love dancing with these two. (I hope someone got pics of all 3 of us shimmying one the surf board). The Clams played Bat-Clam with vocals by Perilous Cheryl, Miserlou, Sleep Walk, Crustacean, Secret Agent Clam, Spy Clam Chase, Clam Nebula, list goes on & on....I was one fried clam by the time they were through at 12:30 a.m.

The owner and bartender, John Carlo, thought the night was such a success for the club, the bands and the crowd that he wants to have Beach Rock Weekends year-round, 6 times per year. NESMA ( has found another place to call home in CT and its name is the Zen Bar.

See everyone next Saturday Nite when I get to host Surf-A-Billy Part 2 at Jimmy's Seaside with Bobby D (

Blue StingRaye


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