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8/4/07 - Outpatients, 9th Wave, and more in NYC

Now, this was a great evening of live surf music, the August 4th SURF-ROCK SHINDIG at OTTO'S SHRUNKEN HEAD in NYC

THE OUTPATIENTS kicked it off with a tight set of their surf/blues/jam sound....tremendous playing....JOHNNY 'I PLAY LOUD' COLA's lead runs were just spectacular!!  Band's rhythm section of Tony/Captain Insano and drummer King Klient was just chest-pounding goodness;  this great Long Island based band is coming back for the December 2007 Surf-Rock Shindig;  speaking of Long Island....special thx to Marbles Mahoney of STRANGE BUT SURF who was in the crowd, and most helpful (yet again) to the proceedings;  STRANGE BUT SURF are on the same bill as THE OUTPATIENTS in December, by the way;  also in attendance from Long Island (well, Queens....but that's pretty close) - Patti and Paul from the TarantinosNYC.

THE 9th WAVE played a rockin' powerful set as well.  This great hot-rod surf combo strayed somewhat from their usual repertoire to accomodate ROBI BILODERIC of THE BITCH BOYS as their guest guitarist for a bunch of songs.  They covered some classics, and MIKE 'STACCATO' ROSADO and ROBI were brilliantly trading licks, back-n-forth, with OCEANA/SANDY also strummin' at times -- 3 guitarists all keepin' the surf vibe at an intense high.  Phred (drums) and Negative Ed (bass) - speaking of pounding....these 2 dudes never let up.  It was a joy to see ROBI play again (first had this opportunity in 2004 in Calella Spain at the WIPE-OUT FESTIVAL -- saw THE BITCH BOYS play an amazing set of wondrous surf that day).  When THE SURFALICIOUS DUDES let me know they could not hit me....ROBI was coming to town (I had arranged an apartment for him in my neighborhood, HELL'S KITCHEN).  I reached out to MIKE and SANDY, and also threw the idea at ROBI before he left SLOVENIA....and voila, long story short, it came together.  ROBI's playing was, yeah, I'll say it, genius.  His girlfriend DARJA (The Goddess) was dancing up a storm.  Keep in mind that ROBI and THE 9th WAVE never rehearsed!!  And they sounded so amazingly tight.....professional surf musicians at their best.  What a thrill for all of us.

Then came the deep reverb and dark sci-fi stylings of the great N Y band, THE COFFIN DAGGERS!  Complete with a back-drop of B-Movie (or is it C-Movie or even D-Movie) sci-fi clips playing behind them, it is a complete multi-media experience.  I think, personally, the band never sounded better; more cohesive, a true working unit.  Keyboards were much sharper and present, which I think is a must for this band. Would love to hear a new album from them....hint....hint....Plus they really packed the place.

The evening concluded with the blues/surf sounds of THE GEARJAMMERS.  Personally, I love this band.  But, for the record, the last time they played, they offered a lot more surf.  This time out, barely any. Needless to say, as good as they are, I suspect they won't be returning to any SURF-ROCK SHINDIGS as they just don't fit the format

Another surf bands represented was EL MUCHACHO.

Hope to see comments from other attendees and musicians.

This scene going on at OTTO's is just fantastic.

And I thank everyone, in particular Nell and Steve at Otto's, and Frank Wood too, for all their love and support.


Unsteady Freddie



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