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8/5/06 - Howlin' Thurstons, Clams, Ronnie Lake, and Outpatients in NYC

SATURDAY night August 5th was my monthly SURF-ROCK SHINDIG...we had a great time!
The HOWLIN' THURSTONS opened;  have these guys ever sounded better? I doubt it!  been practicing, guys?  they seemed like a rejunivated band;  they are far more rock n roll than surf.....with more than a nod to Link for me!
THE CLAMS did their trad surf thing next;  DAN-O CLAM gets a surf-music crowd in the mood very quickly, and sistains it the whole set;  new member KNICKERS CLAM on bass was introduced (she could be my granddaughter....well, almost...she's a great bass player, and yeah, what the Hell, she's adorable too;  well so is DAN-O and drummer BRAIN CLAMMAGE)....OK I've lost it, clearly
Third, it was RONNIE LAKE;  she chose a beautiful Hawaiian dress over the leather, and I swear, the band was just smokin';  people ranting and raving the whole set;  thanks to DAN-O for the use of his amp...)
The OUTPATIENTS closed out the evening in great, diverse style; they mix surf, blues, good ol' rock n roll, rockabilly, all into a great sound all their own;  new guitarist JIMMY DURSO was introduced;  man this guy can play! Surprised he was able to get all those foot pedals on the stage!   Tony (bass) called their time on stage the 'mop-up set' -- c'mon dude!  not even close! You guys were, as usual, just killa!!!!
Forgive me if I missed you, but saw in the crowd, BOB D, the guys from ROOTS ROCK REBEL, Patti & Paul again, and others....
I AM SO GRATEFUL TO OTTO's and the bands and fans that continue to make these SURF-ROCK SHINDIGs such a blast

Unsteady Freddie


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