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Mister Neutron Red Triangle (2006)


Red Triangle (2006) - Mister Neutron www.misterneutron. com
Damien Fanelli: Guitar, Tony Fanelli: Bass, Drew Paradine: Drums
Released on the Deep Eddy Records label www.deepeddy. net

Mister Neutron describes themselves as “high energy instrumental rock for the masses”. I personally find them to a powerhouse 3-piece that has grown into their instro-surf style over the past 2 years. The first time I heard Mister Neutron play live was at an Unsteady Freddie Shindig at Makor in Feb. 2005 (see the review on the NESMA Reviews page: www.nesmasurf. org/reviews/ 2_12_05.htm) . It is hard to believe that this is the same band because the sound is so very different. The skill with which each member plays is thoroughly impressive, not because they are playing surf (which is obviously my preference) but because of the precision and synergy each member brings to the table.

Red Triangle appears to be the culmination of a journey that Mister Neutron began some time ago. The 9 song EP is a powerful tribute to classic surf, old and new and Neutron, with the two cover tunes: The Wedge (Dick Dale) and The Casbah (Los Straightjackets) as well as being a showcase to the power surf style that Mister Neutron fans are more familiar with. The CD opens with Comanchero, a spaghetti western featuring the talented trumpet of Billy Levay. Many of you probably had the distinct pleasure of hearing Billy play live with Mister Neutron at Otto’s Shrunken Head not too long ago.

My personal pick o’ the CD is #3, the Submariner. The drums of Drew Paradine just blew me away. This is the longest song on the CD, a mind-blowing 3:26 minutes and every second drips with reverb and salt air. The drums and bass line provide powerful surges of sound that compliment the high sweet double picking of Mister Damien so well in Submariner. I have listened to this CD no less that 20+ times and still love this tune the most of the 9 on the CD.

I have heard Mister Neutron play every tune on Red Triangle live and found the mixing of exotica/trad, as in Super Constellation coming right after the hot rod surf sound of Danger Diabolik, as enjoyable as the mix of tunes during their live shows. The CD closes with an original written by bassist Tony Fanelli, a tribute titled Neutron Stomp. The song opens with Drew leading the way on the skins followed by deep reverberating strings of Damien and Tony. Neutron Stomp will have you swaying and grinding with your dance partner as the beat builds up to climatic ending that takes your breath away.

Red Triangle leaves you wanting more, which is what all good performers want their audiences to feel. Be prepared to be yelling ENCORE after the CD ends. Mister Neutron has definitely created a place in the surf music genre all their own and I am grateful they have allowed us to share it with them through their latest CD, Red Triangle.

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